I produce with top notch analog and digital synthesizers as well as my own self recorded samples. The result is a unique and mature sound I have cultivated with over 10 years of audio production experience. Whether your project is for television or the dance floor, I will work with you through any and every step of the audio production process. I encourage you to listen to some of my music to become acquainted with my unique production style.


I mix using high quality hardware in an acoustically treated room to make your music sound crisp, balanced, and loud with just the right level of grit. All audio is mix checked through multiple sources to ensure your music sounds excellent in a car, apple ear buds, laptop speakers, and anywhere else sound is commonly played. Your project will also be cross referenced with other well mixed tracks to make your audio competitive in its respective field.

Listen below to hear a before and after example of what my mixing could do for your next project.


For information on rates, shoot me a message about your specific audio needs and let’s find a solution!