A small selection of some of my personal and professional work.

Music featured in VH1’s Basketball Wives

Music used in popular Geometry Dash levels:

A portion of my music catalog has been used in web games and videos under a Creative Commons license:
🎮Devastator, 🎮Plument 2, 🎮Happy Fun Balloon Time, 🎞️Spider Powers 2, 🎞️Spider Powers 3, 🎞️Spider Powers 4, 🎞️Spider Powers 5, 🎞️Spider Powers 6, 🎞️Spider Powers 7: Stalker, 🎞️Spider Powers 8, 🎞️Spider Powers 9, 🎞️Spider Powers 10, 🎞️Spider Powers 11, 🎮NewGrounds Notebook S M, 🎞️UnMethodical Madness, 🎮Save the Bunny, 🎮The Floorsland 3, 🎮The Floorsland 4, 🎮Save the Bunny Xmas Edition, 🎮Meet The Angry Shapes, 🎮Niwit Slide, 🎮Letz Maek a Flash Gaem, 🎮Sum Fighter

Want More? Enjoy some miscellaneous samples: